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It is a time of war.

A dark and ancient god makes its way from the mysterious east. A warlord from the north seeks to topple an empire with his bloodthirsty army. To the west, a wizard in his citadel practices dark magic, summoning demons to do his bidding. To the south, a cruel emperor consorts with a demonic force emerging from the sunless ocean depths.

Beset on all sides with no allies, the City-Kingdom of Unparalleled Virtue, ‘Lucre’, brings forth an edict that will be the catalyst for one of the grandest adventures of this age.

To all adventuring companies near and far,

The City-Kingdom summons those brave souls who wish to fight for fame, fortune, and fiefdom – ready your arms and come to Lucre, where we request succor! Our enemies are numerous, and their iron and sorcery are most dire – we realize that we can do little to save our homeland from imminent invasion, sacrifice, and destruction.

The Royal Crown thus announces this edict to all worthy warriors to take this as an official charge and rid the Kingdom of its enemies! Substantial rewards go only to the victors – there is naught but dregs and ravens for those that fail in their task. Present this edict to the Commissioner at Guild Headquarters to learn more about what is in store for those who wish to aid the Crown.

Go with the grace of the Gods,

Her Majesty Eternity Runeslayer

SATG Iron Heroes

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