Jagt Davar

Only survivor of Templar Guard of the Priest-King of the South

Name: Jagt Davar
Class: Myrmidon 6

STR	16	+3
DEX	16	+3
CON	16	+3
INT	12	+1
WIS	12	+1
CHA	10	+0

HP: 72 (6d4+36+18 con)

BAB: +6/+1
Attack: +10/+5 melee or ranged

BDB: +5
Active: 18
Passive: 10

Init: +3

Fort	+9
Refl	+9
Will	+7

Tall (+2 on grapple checks, threaten an extra space)
Swift (+10’ speed)

Class Features
Sneak Attack 1d6
- Dangerous Move
- Unorthodox Technique
Eye for Opportunity
Uncanny Dodge

Skills (45 ranks):
Name			Ranks	Att	Syn	A.Check	Total
Athletics Group		9							
-Climb				+3		-4	+8
-Jump				+3	+2	-4	+10
-Swim				+3		-8	+4
Perception Group	9				+10 all
-Listen				+1
-Spot				+1
-Search				+1				
-Sense Motive			+1			
Tumble			9	+3	+2	-4	+10
Balance			9	+3	+2	-4	+10
Heal			6	+1			+7
Ride			1	+3			+4
Handle Animal		1	+3			+4
Survival		1	+3			+4

Feats (Tactics + Power mastery 3)
1st: Hafted Weapon Mastery
1st: Combat Reflexes (Dexterity)
2nd: Cleave
4th: Improved Trip (Power)
6th: Vorpal Hurricane

MW Glaive (1d10+4, x3, Polearm; reach, slashing)
MW Composite Longbow (1d8, x3, Projectile; piercing)
-40 arrows
MW Chainmail (1d5/magic dr)
Heavy Horse
Healer’s Kit

When the Priest-King of the Southern Empire made his pact with the devils from the deep, some refused to bend their knees at the sacrificial altars. After discovering the extent of his evil, some of the elite Templar Guard turned against their liege and a bloody rebellion raged through the palatial grand temple. Sworn brother against sworn brother, the temple steps ran red and then black with the entrails of the fallen. Although superior in numbers to their corrupted brothers, the untainted templars were no match for the Priest-King’s demonic allies. Torn limb from limb, boiled alive in their own skins, or flayed by shadow beasts, Jagd Davar saw hundreds of his friends die that day. When the day was lost, he fled the temple grounds with a handful of rebel survivors. Hounded by creatures from the black abyss of the ocean, only Jagd lived to reach Lucre. Now he fights because it is all he knows, without even the hope of revenge.

Jagt Davar

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