Zevon Viz

Executioner, assassin in former Lucre-based brotherhood

Zevon Viz
Executioner 6

Swift: +10' Movement (Player's Companion pg 9)
Lithe Acrobat: +2 Tumble, can use Tumble while moving at full speed

STR    14    +2
DEX    18    +4
CON    12    +1
INT    12    +1
WIS    16    +3
CHA    10    +0

HP: 43
RP: 43

BAB: +6/+1
BDB: +5
Full Attack: +9/+4, 1d10+2 20x3 slashing, +9 1d6+2 19-20 x2 piercing
Passive Defense 11 (10 if not dual wielding)
Active Defense 20 (19 if not dual wielding)

Initiative +4
Fort +7
Ref  +10
Will +9

Class Features:
Simple Weapon Proficiency
Martial Weapon Proficiency
Light Armor Proficiency
Sneak Attack +3d6
Base Execution Pool 3
Executioner's Eye
Hindering Cut
Armor Piercing Strike
Create Distraction

Feats (Mastery at Level 6: Finesse 3, Power 3, Lore 2, Other 1)
Can ignore power weapon requirement on power feats
Level 1: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Bastard Sword)
Level 1: Two-Weapon Fighting Base (TWF Penalty is -4/-4, with a light offhand -2/-2)
Level 2: Weapon Finesse Base (Dex for Str in attack rolls)
Level 4: Two-Weapon Fighting Expanded 2 (+1 Shield Bonus, +2 if fighting defensively)
Level 6: Weapon Finesse Expanded 3 (+1d6 Sneak Attack)

Skills: Athletics, Perception, Stealth. 63 Ranks Available

Skill             Ranks   Attrib   Syn  Tot
Athletics         +9
Climb                    STR +2        +11
Jump                     STR +2  +2    +13
Swim                     STR +2        +11
Perception        +9
Listen                   WIS +3        +12
Search                   INT +2        +11
Sense Motive             WIS +3        +12
Spot                     WIS +3        +12
Stealth           +9      
Hide                     DEX +4        +13
Move Silently            DEX +4        +13
Heal              +5     WIS +3        +8
Knowledge (Noble) +9     INT +2        +11
Sleight of Hand   +3     DEX +4        +7
Survival          +5     WIS +3        +8
Tumble            +9     DEX +4  +2    +15
Use Rope          +5     DEX +4        +9

MW Bastard Sword +1, 1d10, x3, 6 lb, sword finesse power slashing (onehand, exotic)
MW Short Sword +1, 1d6, 19-20x2, 2 lb, sword finesse piercing (light, martial)
Leather Armor DR 1/magic, max dex 8, 10 lb.
Encumbrance - 18 lb (none)
Adventuring Stuff

Lucre! The glorious city-kingdom, bastion of freedom and all that is good. All hail the royal crown. Long live the King. But it was not always so, though people seem to think it so. Yet less than a generation ago, crown princes and nephews, cousins and brothers fought for the crown. Noble houses competed with each other in the newspapers, in the courthouses, and in the throne rooms. They battled in the banquet halls and streets, all maneuvering to keep their heir on the throne.

But the real nastiness happened behind the scenes. Sometimes within palace walls. Sometimes in broad daylight on the street. Everyone knew what was going on, yet nobody knew. For the real war between the houses was fought by us. The Black. The Bloody Red Wings. The Promoters. We were the slayers. It was said that politics was a more deadly job than begging – because of us.

When slandering and mudslinging was not enough, when political maneuvering and lies (or even the truth) couldn’t eliminate a threat or rival, we lurked in the backgrounds. The three brotherhoods of death. Why three? I don’t know. That’s just how it turned out. I was a Red Wing.

I say was – if you don’t remember the infighting, you certainly don’t remember us. Her Majesty, I must admit, was an unexpected leader. I believe I knew the man who put her on the throne, but he’s long gone now. But Her Majesty Eternity Runeslayer, she did the only thing she could to secure her power. She united the nobles against us, against the brotherhoods.

There was a great purge. For all our skills, not even a few assassins can stop an entire royal army. There aren’t many of us left. Yet Her Majesty, in her wisdom, did not obsessively destroy us. What she did do was destroy us as a business, as an organization, as a legitimate entity. Those of us that survive – well, we still kill, and we usually still do it for money. Mercenary work. Sometimes for the crown. Sometimes for a merchant.

The brethren still left have coalesced. I do not hate the former Black or Promoters, and I never did. They were always rivals. Sometimes we had to kill each other. That was life – and death – as an assassin. I am Avereaux, former Viz in the Bloody Red Wings.

Today I am a killer again – defending my home. The best defense is to kill them before they kill you.

And I’m good at killing.

Zevon Viz

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