• Iron Heroes Revised rules
  • Keep it to the Iron Heroes core – unless you are willing to copy/paste all your sources, just note down the page #s and what book it’s from (Player’s Companion, Core Rules, etc)
  • Level 6
  • 80% max possible HP or roll your hit dice past 1st level.
  • Skills are meant to be spent all in a lump sum at level 6 for the sake of simplicity.
  • No casters unless you are willing to explain in great detail what you’re actually doing?

The following section is purely experimental and may be redacted based on player feedback.

The Adventuring Company

In addition to creating your basic character you will also be required to come up with at least some kind of minimal background and a tie in to an actual group. Rather than individual submissions and picking and choosing the “best” characters out of the bunch, this time around I am looking to take a full party of characters with one or two slots open for Free Agents.

Creating a Party

Party creation is fairly standard and is mostly for fluff purposes; it is intended to make sure the core players are on the same page and have some kind of motivation in helping the other party members. In addition to a mostly abbreviated character background, players will need to coordinate into groups of four to six players and apply to the game as an actual group. Groups don’t need to be well balanced; they need to be enjoyable. A similar capsule description of how the group was founded should be appropriate in addition to any previous exploits that may serve as plot hooks would be nice.

Steel for Hire – Submitting Individually

In addition to accepting one full party of adventurers particularly outstanding characters can be submitted separately as ‘Free Agents’. This is actually a secondary recruiting phase in which the adventuring party that is approved by the GM decides to take one or two more people on that they would like to get into the game for whatever motivations the players would like.

Note! This can happen during the game at certain key points (usually the completion of an act or a major scene). Other characters that have been submitted are theoretically in the game world, they are just doing their own thing somewhere else – Lucre has many enemies, after all.


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