Lore Tokens are narrative tokens that are awarded to players for contributing to the game world. Adding a background for a character, writing up a vignette that helps flesh out an NPC, various other media, in addition to coming up with setting and campaign world information are all good candidates for earning Lore Tokens.

What Lore Tokens Do

Lore Tokens are ways for players to interact meaningfully with the campaign world. While there is a story to follow and missions to accomplish, players may wish to add something they think would benefit themselves or the overall atmosphere of the current scenario. This can be anything from an unexpected ally providing help or opening up a new route for players to take while on the run from their foes. In effect, Lore Tokens grant enhanced narrative control for a specific detail of the game world.


Lore Tokens give a substantial amount of control that a player would otherwise not have to the setting itself. In order to prevent abuse and to give people a better idea of what they are capable of, Lore Tokens have the following restrictions:

  • Must be one sentence in length (In character or out of character)
  • Must influence a specific noun (person, place, or thing)
  • Does not directly kill a player or important NPC
  • Does not force another player to perform a specific action
  • Does not change genre
  • Does not influence average tech level (“Lost Technology” may be available per GM discretion)
  • GM has right to veto Lore Token changes if deemed unbalancing or inappropriate


  • “The mountainside crumbles behind us, leaving our pursuers buried in an avalanche.” – OK; has clear statement of intent, influences only one thing (the mountain), and does not kill players or NPCs directly (players may be buried in the avalanche though if they cannot escape effectively).
  • “Johan’s heart stops, killing him instantly.” – NG; bitch-kills a named character, forces a specific action.
  • “The party arrives at a town full of lasers.” – NG; tech level restrictions, possible genre change.
  • “The party arrives at a town ruled by the King of Thieves.” – OK; sets up possible side story, affects only one thing (the town), and does not force the King of Thieves to do anything specific.

How to Obtain Lore Tokens

Players can obtain Lore Tokens at any time by submitting a new entry for approval to be entered onto the wiki. These will usually be related to one or more characters in some way and must meet the following minimum standards:

Original Work

  • Prose – At least one paragraph in length
  • Poetry – no restrictions
  • Art – if you took the time to draw something for the game, cool!
  • Music – hopefully you actually grant approval for use.

“Found” or Commercial Work

All media that is sourced from somewhere else must grant credit to the original creator and have approval for republishing. Any request sent to the maintainer of this Wiki to cease and desist utilizing specific assets will cause said assets to be redacted within 48 hours. All submissions must follow US copyright laws. Any works that do not have clear authors will be permitted however they follow the same process as any other work – ie, at anybody’s request, it may be redacted within 48 hours of initial request.

  • “Found” art – must include source and credit the original artist, and have an appropriate caption or story
  • “Found” music – must not infringe on US copyright laws, must include source and credit the original artist/composer, and have an appropriate caption or story
  • Quotes from movies/books etc. – may be used to prefix a section but must also be cited as appropriate.


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