The Bloody North

This region has been nominated for further treatment due to player interest.

From a throne lashed together of bone and iron, a heavyset man reads a missive, the messanger in the process of having his skin divorced from his muscles by way of skillful use of hooks and knives. As the screams wash over the arena below, the burning embers of the warlord’s eyes cause the edict to vanish in a burst of flame – not even the ash survives the intense heat.

This is Saerek Blacksword, the Violence King, the Crimson Rage-Born Pandemonium. Three armies he has, commanded by three of his Dark Generals: Karrak the Huntmaster; Isaiah the Deity-smasher; and the golem known as Irongrief. It is said that he conquered the entire region of the North in a fortnight, causing even the most stalwart of fortresses to crumble by his mighty roar. From his Iron Citadel in the heart of the Savage Jungle, with a sweep of his hand, ten thousand slaves are put to the sword to fuel an Infernal Fear Engine which will awaken a Dragonlord.

“TO WAR,” the Violence King shouts, and the baying of hounds foretells a fate worse than death…


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