The Perilous South

This region has been nominated for further treatment due to player interest.

They said that it could not be done. A pact with the infernal beings of the ocean? Who would dare? The Priest-king of the Southern Kingdoms long entertained the notion, but ever did his advisers steer him away from such folly. However, one demon did hear his call from beyond the Vale, and every night a whispered phrase drove the Priest-king to kill those that would prevent disaster.

The people are still living – at least, in part. Fear is the tyrant which rules all, as beings with clawed feet standing taller than two stories roam the streets of the Capital and the surrounding area, seeing fit to judge by an iron law that leaves families bereft of their components, sons and daughters taken hostage at a young age to have their minds irrevocably corrupted to the burgeoning litany of the Void. It is said here that the fabric between this world and the world of demons is so weak that on a moonless night, one can speak a sentence and watch it take shape, yet those who have attempted this have never survived such an occurence.

Twenty years ago when the Kingdom fell to the hands of the Priest-king, he cast away his former name and adopted a demonic name which grants him his abilities. They call him Tyrant Ghostfire, the Undying, the Lord of the Beginning and End, for even the spirits of the departed do his bidding in his kingdom. The South has fallen to this Tyrant, and now he sets his sights towards a certain place, which has sent out a peculiar message…


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