The Eldritch West

No living soul exists here for the terrible work that has been wrought by the Eldritch. Magic, in its most primal form, was harnessed, shaped, and converted into reality-bending power that caused an entire kingdom to rise to greatness and flourish for a thousand years. It caused the same kingdom to crumble in a single night, its inhabitants forever lost in the folds of time and space.

In this place relics abound of a civilization advanced enough to have technology and amenities comparable to our own time of Real-world Earth. An information network that spanned a hundred thousand miles composed of glass; time pieces that measured the vibrations of miniscule particles able to be worn on the wrist; devices that could go airborne and allow a skilled handler to direct it to a place that would take an entire year of travel in the span of an hour. All these and more lie in the dessicated ruins, but woe betide those that tempt its wares, for there are also far more terrible things that have caused erstwhile looters to simply vanish from history itself.

It is in this forgotten kingdom that a lone man tempts the fate of the world once again. Once a genius, his dabbling in the Eldritch has driven him over the brink of sanity, and now he plots to restore the Lost Kingdom to where it was before. He does not know the ramifications of such a dream – and in a lone citadel where the Eldritch eddies and pools, he has worked for a hundred years for these plans to come to fruition, and soon, the world shall be unmade and remade to his liking…


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